Have you ever had a photoshoot and left a little disappointed because your kids didn't do as they were told?

What's that saying

'Never work with children or animals'

We've seen this before, so we want to educate our clients on how YOU can change the outcome of your session.

As a photographer our main jobs are to

1.Light the subject(s) correctly

2.create a beautiful set up

3. interact with your child(ren) so they begin to relax

(please bare in mind this doesn't happen instantly-remember we are strangers to your children)

4. Pose your children

5. Create composition in the photo

6. Produce high quality imagery

7. Professionally edit your session

Of course, one of us will dance around with a puppet most of the time trying to make your kids laugh and this helps us get that natural smile most parents love

However, for some small children who may have woken up recently from a nap or are perhaps teething, even our silly dancing may not work; they just might not be in the mood and that's ok! It’s no-one’s fault.

So this is what you can do to prepare for the session


1.Make sure your youngest child has had a nap/been fed/been changed so they are settled.

2.Take it slow, be patient and don't rush them

3.Bring a familiar toy

4.Bring sweets or a snack

5. Be a FOOL. Yes it's ok to dance around our studio just like you do at home. When you’re at home, think of the times your children smile and laugh at you- what are you normally doing? You might try tickling them, pulling a silly face or even singing. We're mums too so we don't mind if you sing-whatever works to get the most natural smile.

6. Don't tell your child off if they are not smiling. How would you feel if you were sat in a room with everyone watching you and asking you to sit still and smile?

7.THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Be a guide to your child. Show your child this is a safe place and try not to be nervous of their behaviour. Sit down next to them. Praise them for listening to you when you ask them to sit down. Don't get annoyed at them if they don't listen straight away. Be patient. If all else fails, take a break. Have a cuddle.

Understand that 90% of children are not natural performers; some children are shy and some need that extra time to come out of their shell. Give them the time they need and make a memory at your photoshoot.

If, together, we’ve tried everything and it’s just not happening- don’t worry, we’ll re-schedule for another time. Follow our tips and you’re sure to succeed next time.

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