Cake smash tips for Parents

We've been shooting cake smashes since 2011 so as you can imagine we have seen hundreds of babies in these type of sessions and in the last two years these sessions are becoming more and more popular, we thought it might be a good thing to educate our clients once again. So here is a list of tips from us just for you..

1. Plan ahead for your cake smash and remember to select the colours of your choosing for the cake and for the set, research ideas or suggest ones to us that you think will reflect on your little ones personality, if your little boy has a fascination with animals, why not incorporate this in the cake smash? :)

Cake smashes are planned sessions, we offer different types for every client with different colour backdrops, props and sets, the more ideas you give us the more personalised your set will be.

2. Ask yourself if you think your baby will enjoy this type of session, do they like mess?

Most parents think babies just dive in for the cake when most of the time babies need encouragement from either the parents or the photographers. Of course they do, nobody ever handed them a giant cake before and expected them to demolish it straight this is perfectly okay and there is no need to feel disheartened about this. We promise that we do our utmost best to capture the photos that we can and if all else fails we reschedule with a normal session and make sure you have photos with us again.

Put it to the test-If your worried your baby won't like the mess, try them at home with a little cupcake. Place it in front of them on their high chair and see what they do..

3.Take allergies in to consideration

Our cakes are professionally made by the 'crafty cake store' Ebbw vale and handed to us fresh the same day of the session but if your concerned about what's in the cake, please let us know and we can give you a list of ingredients.

4. It could get messy!:) so come prepared

We have plenty of wet wipes in our studio but it's always a good idea to bring some more. Please bring spare comfortable clothes for your little one to go home in. We offer a 'splash' after the cake smash to clean them afterwards and to get cute photos of them in a vintage tub. Parents often get just as messy as the babies do so don't worry about dressing might get covered in cake.

5. If your child has been ill recently. i.e teething troubles at night, coughs, colds etc it is best to wait before scheduling a session

We have had little ones come in who have been up all through the night teething and naturally they don't want to eat a huge cake because of the discomfort they are feeling. Also babies who have been unwell with sickness or colds may not be up to eating or smashing a cake, if they are not themselves then there is a very high chance the cake smash session will be unsuccessful.

So please bare this in mind.

Thank you for reading our tips, we hope this has given you some more insight for these sessions. The majority of our cake smash sessions are a huge success and we love doing them.

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