Several reasons to book a Sitter Session...

(Sitter Sessions are for babies over 6 months old - who can sit un-supported.)

Let us tell you several reasons why you don't want to miss these sessions!

1. "Sitter Sessions" - exactly that! When your baby has mastered the art of sitting but not yet discovered how to crawl - usually around the age of 6-9 months old (all babies differ).

Your baby is at the cutest stage of smiling, giggling and staring back at you while he/she sits and doesn't budge! (There's no playing chase so you can relax too!)

So book your appointment at the first signs of your baby sitting up :)

2. Your baby is happy to smile at anyone he or she meets... We all know babies can go through the shy stage.

3. The outfits are adorable!!! Now that your baby can sit up, you can see their full outfit properly when photographed. There are more options for them to wear - cute braces, shirts, dickie bows, cute rompers and head-wear.

Lets be honest they are just adorable around 6-9 months with their big eyes, little chubby legs and cheeks.

This is a time in their life that you want to preserve!

4. Easy, shorter sessions

Don't worry about clearing half the day to come in for this session.

The session can last only 30 minutes and we can manage to get all the poses we need and squeeze in plenty of outfit changes too!

Now, we'll leave you with these gorgeous photos...




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