Studio Sessions and Pricing

We have listened to our clients and know the majority of you want the Digital Images so you have the freedom to print multiple copies and use on social media platforms*. We highly recommend purchasing the Digital Images aside from any products, so that you will always have the files to keep. You can purchase a high quality canvas or print but if in a few years down the road you wanted to print more of the same image and you didn't buy the Digital Image from the photographer, then you may be stuck.

If you are booking a session with us, we will give you a set of three packages to choose from.

We have made it simple and easy for families on a budget to have a session and indeed take something away from it too.

Our pricing guide is simply this...


Our basic package is £60 which INCLUDES THE SESSION AND 4 DIGITAL IMAGES of your choice. You can choose to receive them via disc or directly through email.

Typical Questions

Q. (Client) Does this mean you only take 4 photos at the session?

A. (Photographer) No, we take a number of images using different poses. We will select the best and cut it down to an average number of 10-20 final images. Those images will be edited and uploaded to an online gallery where you can then select the 4 images free with the package.

Q. (Client) The package I want only includes 4 images so what If I like them all? Can I buy more images?

A. (Photographer) Of course you can, each separate image will be £10 each to purchase. You can add them to your package.

If you want more than 4 images and your certain of this then opt for the second package of £100. It works out the same value as if you were to spend £60 and then purchase 4 extra images after at £10 each.

If you'd like a package that includes images and products then opt for the third package where you get 8 digital images, 2 large prints and 1 large canvas. Purchasing this package would save you money because if the products were bought separately, it would cost you more!

Now, trying not to complicate our simple pricing guide you also have the option to go for the £60 basic package and add a canvas for £40, keeping it at a budget of just £100 and receiving 4 images and a canvas!


Newborn Sessions work in the same way - the basic package is £90 which INCLUDES THE SESSION AND 4 DIGITAL IMAGES of your choice. You can choose to receive them via disc or directly through email. Please note Newborn Sessions can take up to 2/3 hours and should be booked from the 20 week scan onwards. Newborns ideally need to be under 2 weeks of age for the session.


Our recommended spending budget is always between £60-150 initially. Whatever you spend you get to take away either Digital Images or Products and we are very happy with this.

So when considering booking a session, ask yourself how much you want to spend, how you will use the images and what you would like to take home. We can then direct you to the package that suits you.

Hope this helps.


* Please credit us when using our images on social media and please do not alter our final images in any way.

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