Digital images and printing

This can be a very controversial topic for Photographers and clients. This is why we offer a package with digital images and then also with products and digital combined.

Depending on how much you'd like to spend our sessions start from £60.

click the link to see our packages

Our basic package contains four digital images.

This means you will receive four images on a disc/usb or to download online.

These images are high resolution and will NOT be watermarked with our logo. Meaning you have the freedom to print as many photos as you want as many times as you want.

This is perfect for larger families, especially if you want to give prints as a gift to loved ones. Having a digital package means you can make endless copies of prints, canvases etc and make sure everyone in your family receives a copy.

IF you picked an option where you had a print instead of the digital image, this then means that the print is your only copy of the image.

Often people think if they do not receive a print they've been given less or cheated out, this is simply not the case. You have actually been given a great deal more. The permission to make un-limited copies of photos! now that's a good deal. SO please don't put the disc in a drawer and leave it there to gather dust.

Please speak to us about your printing needs and we will recommend the best printers near to you. You can purchase prints from us at any time from just £5! We do not recommend supermarket machines. There are many professional printing labs located all over the country. Please get in touch for information of where to purchase prints from and for a reasonable cost.

They can be purchased online too! so don't miss out. Fill those walls in your living room with beautiful photos. If you do not get time to do this yourself or are unsure how, always select a package that contains products or order direct from your photographer.

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