Little ones Mini-session

Just a little look at this short but sweet mini-session

I have the cutest little clients!!!

Sisters- ages 1 and 2 years; these photos are such a sweet keep sake.

If your ever wondering whether or not to bring toddlers in to the studio, don't wonder any more- ask.

I'll tell you that it might not be the easiest of sessions. They will most likely get up and down constantly. They may even run off but we do our best to interact and get those shots!.

Bring a snack, bring a toy. We can sing! whatever we have to do to entertain them and keep them happy we'll do and I promise you, twenty minutes is probably enough time but the results will be worth it.

If it all ends in tears, you are always more than welcome to come back in! try again but never feel like your toddler doesn't belong in the studio.

Our next mini-sessions will not be taking place in the studio but outside! perfect for tots. They love nature and it's less hassle of trying to keep them in one spot, they are free to wander.

For more Information on outdoor family / children sessions please get in touch.

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