Family sessions

Taking a little look at this years family sessions..

My style as a photographer is very soft, light and simple.

Accessories like headbands and clips are a great touch.

Don't panic if you don't bring your own I will be sure to provide most of them in the studio for you.

Matching outfits or colours that compliment- love this!

Sibling photos are an absolute must!

I know how hard it is as a mother to try and get everyone looking in the same direction and to keep little hands from fidgiting.

SO lets try to get that photo of your little ones.

Months quickly turn in to years and the moment is gone and you can't get it back, so don't miss out or rely on your phone to capture precious photos.

Trust me,

you'll soon see how fast technology moves on and you'll look back and think 'oh no, all I have is a phone shot and its terrible', dont make this mistake.

I like to take shots of mum with her children- because as you know this is the shot we all want and never seem to get.

We ask our husbands to take it and it ends up blury or

we aren't happy with our hair or our outfit choice...

in the session I recommend all mums have a shot with their children, even if they only keep it for home use.

They have it forever.

You will look back on it and think it really didn't even matter what I looked like.

Your children will have a keepsake of you that's professional.

Dads too! I take so many photos of my husband with our children and its lovely to get some professional ones in the studio too.

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