We have a wide portfolio of a variety of images.

We currently specialise in cake smashes .

Our cake smashes are incredibly popular!

We also have a lot of family sessions; particularly young toddlers and small babies who visit us weekly for portraits.

When we are not in the studio we enjoy photographing Weddings and Outdoor Sessions.

All our Studio packages will include the fee for the session and then a package of digital images or products.




1. Select a package that suits you, i.e baby, family etc​.

(Please view our full price list to see our packages.)

2. Contact us to book your session.

3. The Session - Relax! You're in good hands!


4. We will let you know when your images are ready to view.  You will be given a password to access your private online gallery on our website.

(This process takes 7-14 working days from date of session.)


5. Choose your desired Digital Images or Products


Can we purchase additional images?

Yes!, you also have the option to upgrade your package so it includes more images/products.


We aim to capture between 15 and 20 final images per session. If you would like to purchase additional images to whats included in your package - let us know!


You are permitted to download the images from your online gallery for use on social media. However, the images in the gallery are watermarked and therefore you cannot print or alter them in any way. Digital Images included in your package will be given without watermarks and with full printing rights.

Our aims as photographers 


When we opened our studio in the spring of 2015, we set out to make big changes. After much research and reference to other photographers we took the time to re-think our entire pricing structure.


We've also thought about what we're giving to our clients such as the products we'll be including. 


We will plan poses and help you plan your outfits and accessories so that we can co-ordinate the shoot as much as possible to give the best results.


We love hearing your ideas too! The more open you are with ideas for the session and the photos your hoping to take home with you, the better the outcome.



Working with Children

Please keep in mind children are unpredictable.

It takes hard work to achieve good results and sometimes children may not want to participate- that's ok.


We can plan the perfect set, the perfect colour props to match the perfect cake and a toddler may come in who was awake all night the day before teething and he's just not in the mood! 


When working with little ones and shy toddlers we encourage them to be themselves - telling them to smile will result in a very forced smile or in some cases, frowns. Bring a favourite toy, do a funny dance, pull a funny face - remember children get stressed when you get stressed and we know how frustrating it can be when they don't sit as you want them to so if we feel it necessary we may ask you to come back another day.



Above all, remember to relax! Remember to enjoy the experience and we'll do the rest :)